Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective aluminum signs are metal signs with a reflective nature, allowing them to be visible both day and night. The sign itself is composed of an inner polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of .115" aluminum (providing maximum durability). A 3M Engineer Grade reflective vinyl overlay is then applied to the face of the sign, giving the sign a level of reflectivity that can last over 5 years.

These signs are most commonly used outdoors and work great as parking signs, as they meet the requirements set forth by the DOT regarding parking signage. They can also be used as non-critical street/road signs, no trespassing signs, address signs, security/surveillance signs, safety and regulation signs, real estate signs, property signs, directional signs and more.​




3mm thick (0.11811 inches)


Thin, lightweight yet durable, corrosion resistant, 2 sheets of .115 aluminum with coil-coated white paint and a solid polyethylene core. 3M Engineer-Grade reflective vinyl overlay


Indoor/Outdoor Signage uses include: traffic, road, parking, safety and regulation, directional, real estate, property signage

Estimated Lifespan:

5-7 years with proper placement and care

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