Plus Cover Booklets

Plus cover booklets are multi-page bound documents where the outside cover (front and back cover) are a different stock than the inside pages of the booklet. Typically, the cover page is a much heavier paper to improve durability. Our plus cover booklets are bound by saddle stitching which consists of two staples holding together the pages on the fold. For other binding options, please submit a custom estimate request by clicking "Request A Quote" at the top of the page.


For a successful print, we recommend following these upload specifications.

  1. Format: Your file must be in PDF format, with no password protection.
  2. Layout: Make sure that the file comes in single pages, arranged in correct reading order. Your upload must contain all pages, including four cover pages.
  3. Blank pages: If you want the inside of the cover pages to be blank, make sure to include blank pages in your PDF file.



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