What Are Brushed Aluminium Signs?

Brushed aluminum signs, the ultimate in durability and aesthetics, are made by printing any image, graphic, or design directly onto a 3mm brushed aluminum composite material or ACM. This material has a brushed face and is composed of two sheets of aluminum with a reinforced polyethylene core. This makeup allows for maximum durability while providing the appearance of stainless steel at a fraction of the price. Designed for both internal and external use, brushed aluminum signs are commonly used to display business names, logos, suite numbers, titles, and general information. They are great for lobby and receptionist areas, stores, waiting rooms, internal offices, hallways, bathrooms, and more. Brushed aluminum signs are also popular as restroom, exit, handicap, and maximum occupancy signs.


The panels are 3mm thick aluminum with a hard, durable finish. The panels we use are the standard in ACM, or aluminum composite material. Comprised of two .15mm aluminum panels bonded to a solid polyethylene core it is not only lighter and more durable than solid aluminum panels, but also resists scratching and denting better than wood panels. ACM panels are a proven, versatile substrate that offers a solution for countless application types. The front side of the material is a beautiful brushed aluminum finish while the back is white.

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3mm Silver Brushed Aluminum
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