Outdoor 2 Sided Vinyl Banners

Outdoor 2 Sided Vinyl Banners


Introducing our two-sided vinyl banners that allow anyone to easily create custom double sided banner prints without the need to hang two banners back to back! We print both sides on one layer of unique,15-ounce block-out heavy duty vinyl. This proves more advantageous than the old style, double-layered, stuck together banners that many of our competitors offer as a two-sided vinyl signage solution.

The 15-ounce block-out layer vinyl that we use helps prevent the print on the opposite side of the banner from showing through. This keeps the viewing side of your banner crisp and unobstructed from any visual distractions. The beauty of this block-out vinyl, combined with the double sided printing technology we use for back to back printed banners, means that one vinyl banner can maintain a unique or even different printed designs on both sides of your banner. 




  • 15oz Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Lay-flat / Blockout Appearance
  • Printing on Both Sides
  • Same or Different Images
  • Grommets





Vinyl banner compared to mesh banner

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